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Cooper and Jordan Church of England Voluntary Aided Endowed School

Online Safety

At Cooper and Jordan we want to make sure that every single child from Nursery up to Year 6 knows how to use new technologies safely. We try to embed the key points of online safety throughout the curriculum, as well as looking in depth at areas of online safety during our Computing sessions.


Every child in our school is also a member of a Google Classroom class focussed on Online Safety. Each week we post information about a different area of online safety, where we share links, resources and even interviews with experts.


The children are given regular e-safety updates in assemblies, tailored for both KS1 and KS2, where they are taught about not only the advantages of using the internet & devices safely, but also the dangers that being online can show. In each of these assemblies, and during internet safety lessons, we reinforce the ideas of Block It, Zip It and Flag It!


We reiterate this message whenever we think about using the internet and how to keep ourselves safe from sending emails to using online games. The children in Cooper and Jordan are encouraged to always tell an adult when there is something that they are unsure of that they may encounter not only on a computer but also on mobile devices, games consoles or any other way of accessing the internet.


In school, we are using the Project Evolve resources to help children understand more about the digital world and how to stay safe. Every half term, each year group has a topic to focus on focussing on one of several key areas;

  • Self-Image and Identity
  • Online Relationships
  • Online Reputation
  • Online Bullying
  • Managing Online Information
  • Health, Well-being and Lifestyle
  • Privacy and Security
  • Copyright & Ownership

Below are the topics that each year group will be covering throughout the year.


project evolve overview.pdf


Social Media


During our lessons and assemblies the children are reminded about the rules of using social media and how those rules are in place to make sure that they are protected when online.


Children are told that websites like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter and Facebook Messenger, as well as others, all have the age ratings of 13+.


Some chat apps, including Whatsapp, have age ratings of 16+


If you would like more information about popular social media apps and how to keep your child safe at home, please take a look at some of the documents that are in the folder below. These are from National Online Safety and help explain these apps, we will regularly update this when new apps are released.



There are no documents to display at present.





Another area that we focus on both in class and in assemblies, is gaming. We talk about the many positives that playing games, as well as some of the disadvantages that games can have, especially when playing games online.

At Cooper and Jordan, we are appreciate that gaming can be something that parents find tricky to speak to their children about, below are some fantastic websites that we use in school to help with these conversations.



We have also collated some documents, again from National Online Safety, looking at popular games that the children are currently playing and we will continue to update with new games that come out.



There are no documents to display at present.



Useful Links


If you would like to find out more about online safety and ways to keep your child safe online, please use the links below.


BBC Own It - Videos and Information about how to stay safe online


Dove - Resources looking at self-esteem on Social Media


National Online Safety - Contains useful advice pages 


Be Internet Legends - A series of games to teach about Online Safety


Taming Gaming - A website explaining new games that come out and their age ratings 


Internet Matters - Resources to help speak to your child about staying safe online.


UK Safer Internet Centre - Further resources to help children and parents with safety online.


CEOP - Use this site to report incidents to the Police