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Our Vision:

Together we…

 care and support,

explore and celebrate,

believe and achieve…

 as we shine in God’s light!


Jesus said …”Be a light for other people.

Live so that they will see the good work you do.

Live so that they will praise our Father in Heaven.”


Matthew 5: 16


  • Care and Support: Our staff are committed to nurturing every child in our school and we encourage our children to care and support each other too!

Three of our school values are Friendship, Forgiveness and Compassion, teaching children how to form genuine, lasting relationships with each other and how to reach out to those in need in our community and the wider world.

  • Explore and Celebrate: We want all our children to develop a love of learning as they explore each subject, showing the value of Endurance in facing challenges and appreciate the value of Fellowship as they celebrate success together.
  • Believe and Achieve: Children will learn more about themselves as they understand the teachings of Jesus, demonstrating the value of Respect for all people as they achieve their goals.


As a school we are now trying to send out most letters and information via email. Please can you let the office know if you have changed your email address. Paper copies of letters are available from the school office.


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