For Admissions to Reception, parents and carers need to apply online to Walsall Council

Please ensure that you have read our admissions policy below:

Admissions Policy 2019-20

Proposed Admissions Arrangement for 2020-21:    Click here

In the light of the measures advised by the Government in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, Criterion 2 of the school’s Admissions Policy (Regular worship within the Parish of Aldridge) will not apply whilst public worship across the Parish has been suspended. When calculating whether an application for admission satisfies this criterion, the governors will not include in the calculation the weeks in which it has not been possible for anyone to take part in public worship.

General School Admissions

All parents who wish to send their child to Cooper & Jordan should contact us and request an application form. On receipt, you will be advised if there are any places available. Cooper & Jordan admissions policy will determine which children are admitted and each application will be “ranked” against this policy, details of which are available on the links below. Parents of pupils who are not allocated a place may appeal through the standard procedures. Details of this are available from the school or from the admissions department. The school published admission number (PAN) is 60 per year group. However, because we are a voluntary aided school, our Governors may allocate up to 64 places per year group in Key Stage 2. These are at the discretion of the Governors and Head Teacher. Children are admitted to Reception classes in the September of the academic year during which their fifth birthday falls.

Mid-year Application Form

Nursery Admissions

Pupils may be admitted into the school nursery at the start of the academic year during which their fourth birthday falls. Each pupil gains admission for either 15 or 30 hours per week (Monday to Friday). There are a limited number of full-time (30 hour) places available subject to eligibility. - Please contact school to express your interest for a places.

Nursery times are 8.45 am – 11.45 am and 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm. The admission number is 52 per day. To apply, parents should complete a Cooper & Jordan application form. Each application will be ranked against our admissions policy when allocating places. Gaining a place to our Nursery does not automatically make your child eligible for a place in Reception. Nursery pupils will need to re-apply as per above.