Welcome to our school's Maths page.

Maths is all around us and we use it every day.

At Cooper and Jordan, we aim to deliver aninspiring, exciting and challenging curriculum, which fosters a life-long love of mathematics and develops all children into mathematical thinkers.

Numerical fluency is experienced daily and we endeavour to build reasoning and problem solving into many of our lessons, as it provides children with opportunities to apply and transfer their maths skills, as well as increasing the breadth and depth of their understanding.

Abacus for the New Curriculum 2014 is used as a planning tool in years 1-6 and this provides many opportunities for children to access a wide range of activities, including interactive screens, practical activities, textbooks and games. Mathematical experiences and teaching in EYFS is carefully planned around themes, using ideas from the Hamilton Trust mathematics scheme and Abacus Evolve. In our Early Years Foundation Stage , Maths is taught in a thematic way linking to real-life experience and current themes being taught. The children use many practical resources to develop their mathematical understanding in both ‘number’ and ‘shape, space and measures’. When the children are ready we introduce formal recording of their mathematical learning which compliments the photographic and written observations of their learning in these areas.




This week we are taking part in My Money Week.  As part of this we are asking the children to enter a school competition.  Click on the links below to find out more about the competition...

KS1 competition

KS2 competition

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