Cooper and Jordan School Council Policy

To have 10 members who will hold the post for 1 academic year. Members will be elected by the pupils after delivering a speech and receiving the most amount of votes from their peers. Two pupils will be elected from each year group across years 2-5. The Chairperson, and vice chair will be appointed from Year 6. They will be elected by their peers, the Headmaster and Pupil support worker. These members will also have responsibility for supporting KS1.. All members to be presented with School Council badge in assembly and introduced to whole school.

Members will not be allowed to re- apply for election for 1 Year after holding a post on the council. This will enable more pupils to have the opportunity to be elected. All past members will be awarded in Year 6 for their service to the council.


Pupil Support or a nominated teacher to oversee at all meetings.  All council to meet at regular intervals, minimum fortnightly, maximum weekly.  Meetings to take place on a Monday morning and to last for 30 minutes.

All meetings to be opened with a prayer and apologises for absences taken.

Agenda to be completed for every meeting, minutes produced and circulated to all members. A copy is readily available for anyone within the school to view from Pupil Support. Guests invited to attend e.g. Headmaster, Chairperson of P.A or member of governing body.


School Council notice board to include:


  • Pictures of all members and details of their roles and responsibilities
  • Updates of what topics the Council are presently working on
  • Progress report each term


  • Suggestion slips to be available in each class.
  • Suggestions discussed at meetings and positive responses and thank you always given
  • Good suggestions to be conveyed to whole school. Merits and praise awards to be given

Other objectives:


  • To carry out fund raiser a year
  • To host a fun event for nursery and reception
  • Regular feedback to classes by members over radio
  • Accounts reconciled termly
  • Evaluation of council completed each term by members and pupil support.

 Council Updates:

It was our  pleasure to welcome Wendy Morton MP into school on Monday. She attended our school council meeting  and was very impressed by the way we conducted our meeting. We followed our agenda which included  such items as up-coming whole school events and the use of visual timetables within the classroom. Mrs Morton answered questions relating to her role including what she saw as her main focus for 2016, how we could get involved with the community celebration for the Queen’s birthday (more information to follow) and finally her thoughts on the referendum regarding Europe .

“I felt it was an honor to share our meeting with Mrs Morton, me and rest of the council look forward to her return visit in the  future”.

Ashley Harrison

Chair of School Council